We combine the power of innovative and reliable visual crop recognition technology with the common sense that comes from a team rooted in growing fresh produce for as long as we can remember. We know technology for technology’s sake doesn’t make much sense, until it’s combined with our practical understanding and perspective that comes from getting in the field and seeing how things really work. Then you’ve got something that’s just smart.

Humble Beginnings 

Based in the Salinas Valley of California with operations in the Gonzales, Huron, Imperial Valley and Yuma, Arizona, vegetable production regions, Mantis has developed a longstanding reputation of reliable service and dependable relationships within the agriculture community.

In fact, that’s how many of us got our start. Our owners, operation teams and board members have worked in, managed or marketed the crops we service. The Mantis team consists of labor contractors, PCAs and agronomists experienced in California and Arizona agriculture.  

Because of our partnership approach and deep understanding of agriculture, we realize the complexity and potential overload of new technology. As a result, we decided to take a different approach to innovation. We work with our growers to adopt technology in ways that work on their operations, not the other way around.

Our goal is to deliver innovation, integrity, responsiveness and attentive service in everything we do.

With 8,000 acres from Castroville to Soledad we needed someone we can rely on when it comes to thinning. That’s why we work with Mantis. Their team and Smart Thinner are first-class. They don’t cut corners and have a “boots on the ground” approach to getting work done. There will always be field and market issues. Mantis invests in their equipment and operations to better support us in overcoming these challenges.

Matt Young

Merrill Farms

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If you’re ready for more efficiency and control, our robust portfolio of smart products, supporting services and technology are ready to enable you to make better decisions in your time-sensitive field operations. Putting Mantis in your fields makes farming a little bit easier. And that’s just smart.