Mantis Ag Technology SmartSprayer

The Smart Sprayer features high-accuracy flowmeters and pressure sensors as well as innovations like data capture/analysis, visual recognition, automation and easy calibration that reduces product usage by as much as 90%.

Provides cost savings by targeting applications on plants themselves, reducing the rate of product applied by as much as 80-90%

Decreases risk of chemical drainage and leaching into groundwater due to the lower volume of product applied

Enables lower, more consistent nozzle heights, delivering product closer to the target plants and reducing chemical drift potential

Adjusts spray pattern to match plant size

Allows for applications throughout the growing season on any row crop regardless of size, color or bed configuration

Operates at speeds over 5 mph, allowing operators to treat up to 10 acres per hour

Product Specs

Mantis SS 380

  • 3×80 Model
  • Folded Dimensions: 124″H x 148″W x 80″D
  • Unfolded Dimensions: 69″H x 238″W x 80″D
  • Weighs 2500 lbs.

Tractor Requirements

  • Electrical (Alternator Rating): 120A
  • 3 Point Capacity: CAT II
  • Hydraulic Pump Flow Rate: 20gpm

In a challenging, and constantly changing regulatory environment, technology like the Mantis Smart Sprayer helps move our industry in the right direction. By using one-tenth the material, compared to a traditional broadcast sprayer, we further demonstrate in actions, not words, that we are better neighbors, responsible stewards of the land, and economically savvy. If we can reduce the load of pesticides per acre AND have a targeted application to our crop, that’s a winning combination in our books.

Jazmin Lopez

Pisoni Farms, LLC

Let Us Do the Work for You

We’re proud of our competitive pricing, in-field performance and productivity. But we understand a new piece of equipment is an investment and creates a new learning curve for all management teams and operations. That’s why we value the trust that our growers put in us to do the job for them. The Mantis team takes innovation to the next level. Our team surveys fields before and after each operation to precisely calibrate the Smart Sprayer while working alongside your team during the spraying process to achieve targeted results and consistent, high-quality performance.

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If you’re ready for more efficiency and control, our robust portfolio of smart products, supporting services and technology are ready to enable you to make better decisions in your time-sensitive field operations. Putting Mantis in your fields makes farming a little bit easier. And that’s just smart.