From the Mantis Team: Past, present and future

Mantis is evolving California agriculture.

Mantis machines employ smart, cutting-edge technology for producing fresh vegetables. But in some ways, their origins stretch back more than 50 years.

I remember the United Farm Workers strike and subsequent settlement in the 1970s. A lot happened that would prove to hamper early technology efforts to enable…

Nuts & Bolts: How the Smart Sprayer knocks down a major crop disease

Mantis Smart Sprayer helps beat a costly disease and its many allies.

Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) wreaked havoc on Salinas Valley lettuce production in 2022, causing around $150 million in lost revenue in the lettuce industry. And a swing of the pendulum to excess precipitation could set up growers for even more challenges down the road. It makes the Mantis Smart Sprayer…

In the Field: Solving big problems with Mantis machines

Huntington Farms solves big problems with smart machines.

In the early 2010s, Mark Mason wasn’t yet facing the labor shortage that would materialize a few years later. But he saw the writing on the wall. It was one of a few problems he knew he’d have to solve.

Why Mantis was that solution.